Specialized in bead head units and trunking systems.

Specialized in bead head units and trunking systems. - Sadema
We are a leading Italian company, specialized in bed head units and trunking systems.
Our mission is to be specialists in our field, able to deliver customized solutions to our clients.
We are manufacturer: in our factory located in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) we produce our bedhead trunking systems starting from extruded alluminium profiles.
Our bedhead trunking systems are complaint to major European Quality Standards and can be equipped with every type of electrical switches - sockets and gas outlets.

Italian designed "TESTALETTO"

Italian designed "TESTALETTO" - Sadema
In Italian the word "Testaletto" indicates the bead head trunking system which provides electricity, signals and medical gases to the patient.
Our Testalettos are leader in the Italian market and are booming in Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and UK.
Germany is our second market (after Italian domestic sales).
We are able to meet our customers' needs and to create tailor-made appliances. You can communicate which type of  electrical sockets and gas outlets do you need (and in which position) and we will prepare the bedhead unit according to your wishes. Normally every room is different from another and the gas trunks /electrical wirings never fit a standard product.